One of the most common types of lawsuits today is personal injury cases, and many of these actually are between employees and the individual or company that hired them. Employers can be held responsible in a personal injury case if it is proven that they were guilty of negligence that resulted in unsafe situations that resulted in the employee’s injury. A good and reputable law firm is one that has helped thousands of workers across many industries fight for their rights after facing a workplace negligence situation that has resulted in a personal injury lawsuit. Here are some of the most common examples of negligence in the workplace that are seen in legal practice in this day and age:

•    Unsafe Products and Materials- workers who have to handle or be exposed to materials and products that are deemed to be unsafe can, at times, get compensation from their employer. Exposure to asbestos is a common example.
•    Unsafe Business Practices- it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure their workers follow safety rules and regulations, and if they intently ask their workers to do unsafe or illegal things, they can be sued in the event of injury.
•    Exposure to Chemicals- some jobs require a certain degree of exposure to chemicals, but all routine exposure must be noted in writing before work begins. Second hand or undisclosed exposure often results in a personal injury case.
•    Unsafe Work Environment- failure to keep the work area maintained and safe is a big reason for injuries in the workplace and once again falls on the employer to ensure all required maintenance and upkeep is performed on schedule.
•    Failure to Clean Up- some work sites are inherently messy such as auto shops and welding shops. The work area must be properly cleaned of any spills and debris after work is done in order to ensure employees can be safe in that area.
•    Failure to Protect Workers- not issuing proper required safety equipment or failing to issue regulation-compliant gear and equipment often leads to devastating injuries and many costly lawsuits for many businesses each and every year.
•    Unsafe Equipment- all equipment, vehicles, and tools used by employees have to be properly repaired and maintained. This responsibility ultimately comes upon the shoulders of the employer, and they can be held liable in personal injury cases.
•    Failure to Properly Train- if the work an employee is going to do requires specialized skills or safety training, and this is not provided to them, injuries sustained by the employee can and often do fall under a workplace negligence case.

If you have dealt with any of these common situations in your workplace or any other situation that has resulted in an injury, contact an attorney or legal expert today.


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