When you’ve been charged with a drug-related crime, you’re likely focused on the short term and potentially even traumatized by an arrest as well. While you are likely concerned with the day-to-day details, you need to consider the future as well.

A drug misdemeanor or felony has far-reaching implications that go beyond potential penalties and fines. A conviction will impact every aspect of your life, including your work and career. It will not go away and can damage both your current job, your professional license, and your career possibilities for the future. Learning just how heavily a conviction can impact your professional life is a must. To protect your work and financial future, you need to be sure you get the best possible outcome for any charges you have.

How a Drug or DUI Conviction Impacts your Current Job

If your drug charge leads to the loss of your driving privileges, then you will have a more difficult time getting to work. Once there, you may find it more challenging to run simple errands, attend off-site meetings or even head out for lunch. If driving is part of your job, you may not be able to perform your regular duties at all. You may also miss work due to court sessions, re-education programs, or even incarceration.

For some professions, including those in the medical, pharmaceutical, or dentistry fields, you may face an immediate loss or suspension of your license. The same is true for those working in other fields if specific licensing or certifications are required.

How a Drug Conviction Impacts your Future Prospects

If you are not yet professionally licensed, you may find it is more difficult to obtain a license in your chosen field, even if you have the right education and have passed all required tests. For other work, you may have to disclose your conviction on a job application. Recent changes to the law in many cities have removed this requirement, but employers in some locations may still be influenced by your past history. Since more and more employers are checking out prospective employees online and even on social media, you could end up missing out on a job if a past conviction is discovered. 

The best way to avoid damaging your current and future job prospects is to avoid conviction in the first place. A criminal attorney can help you deal with the charges you are facing and get the best possible outcome for your circumstances. Mistakes now could cost you many years in the future. Hire an attorney to keep your drug offense off your record. Call 1-800-WRONGED.


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